I am attorney Michelle MacDonald. I am running for Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court.
For 29 years, I have helped thousands of you  before hundreds of Judges in courts throughout our state, including  county, appellate,  Federal and the United States Supreme Court. 
It's the same question:"Where is the Justice?


Michelle Macdonald's 400 word Speech  at the Republican Convention was interrupted  8 times by applause and concluded with a standing ovation from thousands in the audience.

Michelle starts her speech explaining the history of why we "all rise" when a Judge enters the courtroom---- because Judges used to hold bibles over thier head.

“I am Michelle MacDonald running for Justice of the Supreme Court, State of Minnesota.

...Court orders by Judges are daily affecting the lives and constitutional and civil rights of millions of Americans.  It is a matter of profound importance to all people, parents, children and their families that I as an individual, an attorney, and Judge uphold your fundamental liberty rights.   And I promise to continue to do so as Supreme Court Justice.

The entire social and political structure of Minnesota and America rests upon the cornerstone that WE THE PEOPLE have certain rights which are inherent and inalienable.  That means we do not have to go to lawmakers or courts to obtain those rights, but we turn to lawmakers and courts to protect and reinforce our rights, such as rights to protect ourselves, our life, our liberties with our resources, our property, our family, and our pursuit of happiness.

I will as your State Supreme Court Justice protect and defend your right to establish a home, family relations, to acquire,  possess and enjoy your property.    I will protect and reinforce the rights that all of us possess by equal and impartial laws which govern all of us.

Judges unquestionably have significant influence over your lives, your hopes, your dreams, your accomplishments.
As Supreme Court Justice, I will uphold my obligation to NOT interpret laws to allow violations of your civil and constitutional rights and fundamental law.

I will not deny any person’s right to equal justice under the law.

I am committed to civil liberties, constitutional rights, human dignity and fair treatment of ALL people ---- children or adults.

I am admitted as an attorney in the United States Supreme Court of America. As a Supreme Court Justice, I promise to be accountable to the HIGHEST COURT IN THE LAND, which is the COURT OF THE PEOPLE. All of you.

God Bless you. God Bless your children. God Bless your family.

And let’s ask God to Bless American Again.  Thank you.”
After her speech on May 31, 2014 at the Minnesota Republican Party Convention, Rochester, Minnesota,   Michelle MacDonald, an attorney in private practice since 1987, was endorsed by the People represented by the Republican Party to run for Justice of the Supreme Court of Minnesota. In the 2014 election, she got the most votes and highest percentage of any republican candidate.  Michelle MacDonald continues her campaign for justice in her daily life, and as a candidate in the upcoming election.


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